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Bomb – Bust – 「失敗する、へまをする」を英語で表現

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Casual English Phrases – #982

bust 完全な失敗不成功
ex) Although critically acclaimed, the play has been a bust.
評論家たちには 絶賛されたが、その演劇は 失敗であった

bust /ˈbʌst/: a complete failure
ex) The new product was a bust.

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Casual English Phrases – #983

ex) All his recent movies have been real clinkers.
彼の 最近の映画は ずっと失敗作続きだ

clinker /ˈklɪŋkɚ/: something that fails completely, especially a wrong musical note
ex) The singer hit a real clinker in the last verse.

clink (金属などが触れて)チャリンという音チャリンと鳴らす
ex) When she’d completed the toast, they clinked glasses.
乾杯の音頭を取った後 皆がグラスをチャリンと鳴らし 乾杯した

clink /ˈklɪŋk/: to make or cause (something) to make a short, sharp sound that is made when glass or metal objects hit each other
ex) The bottles clinked together.

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Casual English Phrases – #984

ex) The movie bombed at the box office.
その映画の興行成績は 大失敗であった

bomb /ˈbɑːm/: to fail completely
ex) The plan bombed (out).

ex) The party was a bomb.
そのパーティは 失敗であった

bomb /ˈbɑːm/ something that is a complete failure
ex) The movie was a bomb.

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disaster 失敗へま
ex) The result was a disaster for the shareholders.
株主たちにとって その結果は失敗であった

disaster /dɪˈzæstɚ/: something that has a very bad effect or result
ex) Opponents say the government’s policy is a disaster waiting to happen.
= Something that will probably have a very bad or tragic result.

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