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Head-on Crash – 「正面衝突」 を英語で表現

アメリカで使える – カジュアル 英語表現 – 1,000

Casual English Phrases – #061

head-on crash 衝突事故
ex) There was a head-on crash on the street yesterday.
昨日 路上で 正面衝突事故があった

head-on 正面から
ex) The car and the mini-van collided head-on.
その車と ミニバンは 正面衝突した

head–on /ˈhɛdˈɑːn/: with the head or front hitting first
ex) The two cars collided head-on.

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car crash 車の衝突事故
ex) 5 people were injured in the car crash.
車の衝突事故で 5名が負傷した

crash /ˈkræʃ/: an accident in which a vehicle is seriously damaged or destroyed by hitting something
ex) He was injured in a car crash.

crash into … に衝突する
ex) A sudden stop may cause another driver to crash into his rear trunk.
急停止は 別の運転手に 自動車後部への追突を 引き起こすかもしれない

crash /ˈkræʃ/: to hit something hard enough to cause serious damage or destruction
ex) Investigators are still trying to determine why the airplane crashed.
= why the airplane hit the ground.

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collide with … … と衝突する
ex) The car collided head-on with the taxi.
その車は タクシーと正面衝突した

collide /kəˈlaɪd/ : to hit something or each other with strong force : to crash together or to crash into something
ex) The car collided with a truck/tree.

collision 衝突
ex) Creating a hazard for other drives could be low-speed collision.
ハザードを出すことにより 低速で 車同士が衝突するかも知れない

collision /kəˈlɪʒən/: an act of colliding
ex) The car was destroyed in the collision.

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アメリカで使える – カジュアル 英語表現 – 1,000

Casual English Phrases – #062

bump 軽い衝突
ex) I had a bump with a parked car.
駐車中の車と 軽い衝突を起こした

bump /ˈbʌmp/: an act of something hitting against something else
ex) Did you feel/hear a bump?


□ expect to see a bump in …    …の上昇を期待する
ex) Our employees will see a bump in pay.
従業員たちは 給与の上昇を期待するでしょう

bump up: to move (something or someone) to a higher level, position, rank, etc.
ex) Prices are being bumped up. = raised

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bump into … に衝突する
ex) The car ran into the telephone pole.
その車は 電柱に衝突した

bump /ˈbʌmp/: to hit (something) against an object in a sudden and forceful way
ex) He bumped his head against the shelf.

hit intoに突っ込む衝突する(静止しているものに衝突する)
ex) The car went airborne and hit into the garage.
その車は 宙に浮き、 ガレージに突っ込んだ

hit /ˈhɪt/ : to cause or allow (something, such as part of your body) to touch something in a forceful or violent way
ex) I accidentally hit my head on/against the side of the door while I was getting into the car.

oncoming car 対向車、近づいてくる車
ex) He bumped into the oncoming car.

oncoming/ˈɑːnˌkʌmɪŋ/: coming closer to you : coming toward you
ex) The door had clipped the wing mirror of an oncoming car.

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courtesy from Merriam – Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary

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