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All the Rage – 「流行中、人気がある」 を英語で表現

Casual English Phrases – #059

□ be (all) the rage    最新流行の、(一時的)流行の、人気のある
ex) Those leopard-print scarves are all the rage in the city.
レパード柄のスカーフは 街で大流行中である

ex) Flu is all the rage in and around Tokyo.
東京と 東京近郊で インフルエンザが大流行中である

all the rage: something that is suddenly very popular
ex) Karaoke is (all) the rage these days.
= Karaoke is very popular.

spreading 広がりつつある、流行中の
ex) Do you know how to avoid spreading flu?
流行中 のインフルエンザを 避ける方法を知っていますか?

spreading: act of extending over a wider scope or expanse of space or time.

wide-spread 広くはびこる
ex) There’s widespread job dissatisfaction and frustration among female workers.
女性労働者の間に 仕事の不満が 広くはびこっている

wide-spread: spread or scattered over a considerable extent
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spread like wildfire (情報などが)広範囲に広がる
ex) The rumor spread like wildfire.
噂は瞬く間に 広がった

spread like wildfire: to become known by many people
ex) The news spread like wildfire.
= the news became known very quickly

Casual English Phrases – #060

in-thing 流行していること、ブーム
ex) Long skirts are becoming the in thing for workplace lately.
職場では最近 ロングスカートが流行している

ex) Wearing a cap is the in thing now.

in-thing: be very fashionable at the moment

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courtesy from Merriam – Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary

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