Clockwork – 「正確な、規則正しい」- アメリカのスラング & カジュアル英語表現 1,000


Clockwork – 「正確な、規則正しい」

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Casual English Phrases – #002

clockwork    (時計の振り子ように)正確な、規則正しい
ex) I repeat this same old routine five days a week like clockwork.
週5日 同じ作業を 時計の振り子のように 繰り返している

ex) They return with clockwork regularity.
彼らは 時間通り 戻ってくる

clockwork : used to describe something that happens or works in a very regular and exact way
ex) Every morning, like clockwork, customers line up outside the front door of the bakery.

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clockwise 時計回りに
ex) Turn the screw clockwise to tighten it.

clockwise: in the direction that the hands of a clock move when you look at it from the front
ex) The bus spun clockwise and ran off the right side of the road.

Casual English Phrases – #003

work against the clock 時間に追われて働く
ex) I’ve been working against the clock these days.

against the clock: in order to do or finish something before a particular time
ex) It was a race against the clock to finish the job on time.[/su_note]

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Casual English Phrases – #004

off the clock 給与無しの 時間外勤務
ex) It is the unwritten rule that we work off-the-clock in order to complete job tasks.
任務を果たすために 残業代なしで 時間外勤務を行なうことが 暗黙の了解になっている

off the clock: overtime without extra compensation
ex) She often has to work off-the-clock.

off-the-clock … 給与無し 時間外勤務の …
ex) The company is trying to avoid paying off-the-clock wages.
会社は 時間外勤務の給与の支払いを避けようとしている

off the clock: not being paid for working
ex) You don’t need to pay me for my advice. I’m off the clock.

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Advanced English Expressions – #003

procrastinate (仕事など) 先延ばしにする、遅らせる
ex) We all know what our deadline is to complete one of these commonly procrastinated tasks.
仕事上の 締切は もっとも遅れている仕事を 完了させることであると 誰もが知っている

procrastinate /prəˈkræstəˌneɪt/: to be slow or late about doing something that should be done
ex) He procrastinated missed the submission deadline.

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